Backup and Data Recovery - Disaster Recovery

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Bulldog IT Services can assist you with a Backup and Data Recovery plan. Disaster recovery is essential for the preservation of a business. The University of Texas did a study showing that only 6% of companies ultimately survive catastrophic data loss. A good disaster recovery plan keeps your business running smoothly through a crisis. Bulldog IT Services can prevent Expensive Interruptions, with your data impairs your ability to serve customers and can cost you thousands. Bulldog IT restores Your Data Faster. Time is money. Some cloud backup services take a long time to restore data. Bulldog IT gets your data back quickly. Or, more often, our active hardware monitoring means you never lose your data in the first place.

Managed IT Makes Cloud Backups Easier. Reliable cloud backup is not set and forget. Bulldog IT makes cloud backup infinitely simpler. IT lets your team focus on their core competencies.

Never lose your data again.

Bulldog IT work with you to ensure that when Disaster Strikes, you are back up and running in record time

  • We can protect your data with an industry-leading backup solution that can spin up a virtual server in mere minutes.
  • We provide quality support, expert guidance, and top-of-the-line solutions for IT projects, renovations, and additions.
  • Bulldog IT can Prevent Downtime. The lost time and productivity of that employee could have staggering effects and may take longer to recover from than they think. Assuring them that with Bulldog ITs’ help they’ll be able to make sure their employees are operating as efficiently as possible.
  • Data loss insurance, having managed backup and security could save their business in any number of, scenarios of data loss, including recovering from a ransomware attack. More than 70% of ransomware attacks target small businesses, so having this extra precaution in place can prevent them from paying a high ransom.