IT Consulting

Choose the best course of action to solving you're IT inefficiencies.


Focus on your business, not your IT: Bulldog IT's Virtual CIO is dedicated account manager for your organization who knows your IT inside and out.

With Bulldog IT, you get more than enterprise-level IT services. Virtual CIOs provide full-fl edged consultation services to assist you with complex IT decisions when it's time to expand, upgrade, or integrate new technologies to improve your business: experience expert advice and expert service while saving money.

BENEFITS:  Get the ultimate customer service experience with your company’s best interest in mind  Benefit from Bulldog IT's vendor partnerships when you make IT purchases ÖSave money over hiring a full-time staff member n Gain an expert mentor for and professional assistance with your in-house IT personnel Expert help to upgrade your IT infrastructure  Knowledge on how to blend different IT systems in the case of a merger  Benefit from the advice of an IT industry expert  Plug your business into the Virtual CIO’s vast network of connections in the IT field  Discern the best technology plan for your business