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Bulldog IT Services offers network support at half the price of your Tech guy. Supporting an office network can be daunting if you’re trying to run your business too. IT can also be expensive if you have a full time IT consultant on staff. Network support that can be done by our professionals who, with a wide range of skill sets, keep your environment running smoother faster and more reliably than you or your single Network Administrator could.

Bulldog IT Services are exposed to many different environments, on a consistent basis. Where your typical Network Admin might only setup a network once and then maintains IT, we setup networks on a routine basis.

Network Administrators rarely have experience recovering from a disaster, some may go their entire career without having to resort to a full network wide restore, or business continuity roll over to emergency location setups. We are called in regularly to execute complex network administration recovery plans for businesses that were never expecting to have a disaster.

We Provide Robust Solutions to Solve Your Networking Needs

Bulldog IT Is Ready to Support You

  • We achieve greater results by delivering as a team. We work alongside you, in true partnership to improve results for your business.
  • We are in IT with our clients for the long-haul and are fully committed to implementing tech solutions that create improvements in your business.
  • We combine 100+ years of experience and dedication to understanding the results you are seeking with an all-consuming passion for leveraging technology to help you get there. Having a seasoned technical staff team can dramatically improve and streamline operations. Bulldog IT’s full time staff can be your technical team and support your IT needs.
  • Bulldog IT prides itself on the integrity of our company with an honest and ethical team. Our team is equipped to make the right choice when faced with challenging decisions.
  • Technology and the way people do business constantly changes. Therefore, we’ll hold strategic business reviews with your executives on a regular basis. IT’s critical to us that your company remains competitive and ahead of the curve.
  • Predictable budget, they’ll be charged the same price each month, which allows them to budget and plan more effectively.
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